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These include the availability of real-time auto-updates, the speed of loading, and notification alerts. For the most part, the calendars have been updating actual values in a timely manner. But we noticed a few exceptions with the events released late during the trading session. An update to US Consumer Credit for March was delayed by half an hour on Dukascopy and for almost a whole hour on Econoday. US Monthly Budget Statement was not updated at all on Dukascopy.

Still, despite having lots of interface features transferred at a top-notch quality level, it only shows the Actual values for all announcements in the event list. You have to click on the specific announcement to view the Previous and Forecast values. And you cannot see the pre-revision value, though you can still tell if the Previous value has been revised. Four of the 11 economic calendars use Monday as the starting day of the week. They are DailyFX, Econoday,, and Trading Economics.

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The filter functions are based on the importance of the event, date, and currencies. Forex Factory allows filtering based on an event’s expected impact, currencies, and event type. Only nine major currencies are supported on the filter function.

best forex calendar

Certain trading strategies are best suited to specific times of the day. The Forex Factory Calendar provides details such as the time of the event, the currency affected, the impact level (low, medium, high), and previous and forecasted values for economic indicators. It also offers historical data to analyze how the market has reacted to past events. Unfortunately, the Myfxbook calendar doesn’t provide a real-time update of the actual data. This means that you have to refresh the calendar to view the actual and revised data when they are released. The revised values of the previous data are shown using a dotted underline which shows the previous data when you hover the pointer around it.

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As a result, it will help you to protect your capital and hopefully improve your long-term trading results. Certain currencies, such as the AUD, JPY and NZD, may see an uptick in activity during the overlapping period. The rise in activity during overlaps creates high volatility, which can lead to an increase in trading opportunities.

  • This calendar could be a great example of a mobile-friendly website.
  • When you click on an event, FXStreet provides its description, a historic chart of the data, and a link to the official source of the data.
  • Even though dozens of economic releases happen each weekday in all time zones and affect all currencies, a trader does not need to be aware of all of them.
  • Liquidity will generally increase around news releases, making it easier to get in and out of trades.
  • In addition to multiple other things, it offers an economic calendar, which is much easier to use than the mobile web version.

MULN stock has gained 1.7% in Friday’s premarket in sharp contrast to the leading equity indices. Part of the reason appears to be encouragement that Mullen management is fighting back against NASDAQ’s delisting announcement by attempting to appeal the decision. MULN has gained 1.7% in Friday’s premarket in sharp contrast to the leading equity indices.

Thus, every economic calendar strives to offer such a facility, albeit each in its own way. A trader may or may not be located in the same time zone used by the economic calendar to display the schedule of economic announcements. Thus, it is a good idea for the Forex calendars to display their active time zone and to allow synchronization of the server time with the computer’s clock. The economic calendars tackle this issue in the following manner. Your primary objective in using a forex economic calendar is to stay informed about upcoming events. If you are a forex trader, you should check the calendar every day to help plan your trades and manage your risk.

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Printing calendar events allows traders to work on their trading plan away from the keyboard, which can be useful sometimes. Exporting to printer-friendly formats or spreadsheets lets further processing of the economic calendar data. Unfortunately, not all calendars allow such manipulations. The app offered by FXStreet features a calendar with a simple layout but, for the most part, suffers from the same issues as the webpage for mobile browsers. You cannot switch the dates only to today, tomorrow, and the next week. Same as the mobile web version, the app doesn’t show any revisions — only pre-revision values are displayed.

  • This allows them to receive only the most relevant information for their trading strategies.
  • The revised data is marked using a backwards-pointing green arrow which shows the previous data when you hover the pointer.
  • You have to click on the specific announcement to view the Previous and Forecast values.
  • is a clear leader in terms of providing the maximum number of economic data items related to the four most traded currencies.

Select specific time zones and currencies of interest and apply filters to refine results and fit your strategy. In addition to multiple other things, it offers an economic calendar, which is much easier to use than the mobile web version. Time browsing is rather limited, and there and only two filters are available — impact and country. Nowadays, when lots of traders prefer to use their mobile phones to analyze charts, access news, and even submit orders, it is crucial for a calendar to have a mobile-friendly view.

#3: Forexlive Economic Calendar

In addition, calendars can offer stand-alone apps that can offer their own features and be even better than web-based calendars. Below we assess how mobile-friendly are the top Forex calendars in our list. allows filtering based on currency, impact, and session (London, New York, Tokyo, Sydney). The currency filter offers a selection of 9 currencies (AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, and USD). By default, all the currencies, news events, and sessions remain selected. Remember Filters option can be used to make the website remember your choice of filters, but you have to register if you wish to use this feature.

Earnings to Watch This Week to 2023 09 15 –

Earnings to Watch This Week to 2023 09 15.

Posted: Fri, 08 Sep 2023 15:29:25 GMT [source]

The Internet is awash with free economic calendars but choosing one at random may not prove helpful. The usefulness of an economic calendar depends on how relevant the events included in it are to your selected markets and financial assets. Maximize forex trading potential with Forex Factory Calendar. Stay informed on key economic events, currency data, and market trends.

Unfortunately, browsing through the past weeks is not possible. Revisions are marked, and pre-revision values are available in the history tab after clicking on a report. Additionally, while browsing through the days of the current month is easy, browsing between different months does not seem to work, even though the links to months are present.

best forex calendar

We introduce people to the world of trading currencies, both fiat and crypto, through our non-drowsy educational content and tools. We’re also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. Be sure to manage your risk and avoid overleveraging and overexposure!

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If the rate hike is unexpected, the impact on the USD may be huge. The optimal way to find the best time to trade forex for you is to work out what provides you with the most profitable trading opportunities. You can do that by tracking data and monitoring which hours of the day give you a higher percentage chance of success.

While you can choose a custom period outside of filters, the keyword search will not work in that case. Here’s a practical example of how to use your forex calendar. You can compare the prior figure and the consensus to see whether the trend is getting better or worse. If, for instance, the prior figure for the eurozone best forex calendar inflation (consumer price index/CPI) was 5.9% and the forecast is 6.1%, the trend seems to be getting higher. These events can potentially have a dramatic impact on forex markets. An interest rate increase delivered by the Fed (the central bank of the US) will influence the exchange rate of the US dollar.

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