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12 Cheap Dividend Stocks With High Yields – Yahoo Finance

12 Cheap Dividend Stocks With High Yields.

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That payout has been on the rise for 39 consecutive years and has been delivered without interruption for 79. Most recently, Brown-Forman last upped the quarterly ante in November 2022, by 9% to 20.55 cents per share. Unlike many of the best dividend stocks on this list, you won’t have a say in corporate matters with the publicly traded BF.B shares.

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Once you have a firm grasp on how dividends work, a few key concepts can help you find excellent dividend stocks for your portfolio. However, not all dividend stocks are great investments, and many investors aren’t sure how to start their search. With that in mind, here’s a list of dividend-paying stocks you might want to consider and some of the most important things to look for in top dividend stocks. The materials producer pays a quarterly dividend of $0.70 per share in March, June, September and December. Between 2011 and 2017, Dow’s quarterly dividend rose from $0.25 to $0.46, but the company paid no dividend in 2018.

Analysts commonly compare ROIC to a company’s weighted average cost of capital. ROIC should be the higher of the two numbers—that means the company is creating value. UPS (UPS) provides transportation, logistics and related services domestically and internationally to consumers and businesses.

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At the current stock price of $16.52, Kinder Morgan pays shareholders a Dividend Yield [FWD] of 6.84%. In addition to that, it can be highlighted that the company has shown an attractive Dividend Growth Rate [CAGR] of 14.16% over the past 5 years. Within the past 12-month period, the stock price of Johnson & Johnson has declined by 9.53%. This has contributed to the company currently paying a Dividend Yield [FWD] of 3.00%.

  • By Nordson’s count, it’s raised the dividend for 59 straight years.
  • This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page.
  • The free high dividend stocks list spreadsheet has our full list of 270 individual securities (stocks, REITs, MLPs, etc.) with 5%+ dividend yields.
  • Companies with consistent dividend hikes become top choices for investors because of their long-term growth potential and lower volatility.

Bulls note that demand for COVID-19 vaccines is boosting demand for the firm’s products. Meanwhile, the biopharmaceutical industry’s robust pipeline should support longer-term growth. With ample free cash flow after debt-service payments, Linde should have plenty of firepower to keep its dividend-growth streak alive. As a result, the five-year compound annual growth rate of AOS’ dividend now stands at more than 15%. Expeditors International of Washington (EXPD) was added to the Aristocrats in January 2020. The logistics company last raised its semiannual dividend in May 2023, to 69 cents a share from 67 cents a share.

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One of the main reasons is the steady stream of income they provide. Dividend stocks may provide a reliable source of passive income for investors. This is often beneficial for retirees or those looking to supplement their current income. Apple isn’t the first name most people think of when looking for dividend stocks, but it does qualify by virtue of its small dividend.

  • Good dividend-paying companies find a balance between funding growth initiatives and rewarding their shareholders.
  • The most recent hike came in January 2023, when ADM increased the quarterly payout by 12.5% to 45 cents a share.
  • Given its track record as one of the best dividend stocks, investors can expect a 38th consecutive dividend hike in 2024.
  • The utility company was added to the elite group of dividend growers in January 2021.
  • If the business sees its cash flows decline, or worse is losing money, it may reduce or eliminate its dividend.

Merck had a great year in 2022, gaining about 32% in the midst of a fierce bear market. While this may limit its near-term upside, it proves the stock’s defensive characteristics. Over the long run, the pharmaceutical giant should continue to provide good returns to investors, along with nice dividends. The company provides a 2.5% dividend yield that’s increased in the last six years.


The variable component fluctuates based on the company’s free cash flow. Cumulatively, Coterra shareholders took home $2.49 per share in 2022 dividend payments. SFL Corp. is a Bermuda-based maritime charter company that has a fleet of approximately 60 vessels. The company provides transportation services for a range of products, such as chemicals, crude oil, dry bulk, and vehicles. The company’s first-quarter earnings per share declined 86% from a year ago, amid broad weakness in shipping rates.

Meanwhile, the asset manager remains attractive as an income provider for investors looking for the best dividend stocks. It has raised its dividend annually since 1981, including a 3.4% hike to 30 cents per share quarterly announced in December 2022. High-interest rate periods generally fare well for dividend stocks as these securities tend to be more resilient due to their strong cash flows and solid balance sheets. Historically, dividend stocks have significantly represented the market’s overall return, especially during high inflationary periods. Since 1930, dividends accounted for 54% of the stock market’s total return whenever inflation has averaged 5% or more. Dividend yield compares the income a company pays shareholders with the price of that stock.

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